It’s 3 simple steps, and it’s our motto


Once you’ve made contact and provided us with your images and a brief we’ll get started on bringing your idea to life. Because no job is the same we’ll also work out a tailored pricing package based specifically to your needs.
Once you are ready to go…we work through our 3 step process

  • Design

    We’ll send you a mock-up graphic Design of how your product will look. So you can be comfortable knowing what’s going to arrive

  • Create

    Once artwork is approved we Create your unique mold and begin production on your custom product. We use the best quality metals for the particular job and ensure each item is perfect, polished and packaged before it comes to you.

  • Deliver

    Once your custom job is done we will individually wrap and package each item tailored to your needs. Then we put it all together in a solid box and Deliver it right to your doorstep.