What is the minimum order?

The minimum order is 30 units for buckles. 50 units for key rings, medals, bottle openers and 5 units for awards. Due to material costs and production time this is the most economical quantity starting point. If you need more than the minimum quantity that’s great as you per units price will come down.

How much does it cost?

Every job is custom made so we will work out a quote specifically for your job. Buckles generally start from $40-$45 each for the minimum QTY. Key rings, medals & bottle openers start from $12-$15 for the min QTY and our custom awards start from $99. Use our Quick Quote for to get your job quoted exactly.

What about the design side of things?

You can either send your design over to us or simply give us the images/logo and what you want on your custom product and we can do the design work for you. We are happy to amend the design as many times as you like so we get it exactly how you want.

How long does it take?

Generally we say the production time takes 4-6 weeks. Let us know when you need your custom products and we will be able to work with you on delivery time frames.

What is the process?

Once your design is finalized we get you to approve ‘production artwork’. Then we make the mold (which is a long process) and your custom products will be cast from this mold. The product is then cleaned & smoothed off. Enamel paint is injected for color if required, the metal finish is applied and then we antique for the final stage before polishing off.